Residents of the small town of Bridgwater in Somerset, England were left shocked and scared, hastily trying too get their children off the streets after a bag full of dildos was found at the side of the road.

In the aftermath of this horrific event people tried to work out who they belonged to. There is rampant speculation around the town about the pink and purple dildos that were left next to a drain near the rear passage of a branch of Natwest bank.

A picture of the abandoned sex toys has been posted on social media but nobody has come forward to admit to owning them. There were up to 10 vibrators , varying in size, color and shape. It is not known if they have been used or still work. 

If you know anything about the owner of the orphaned dildos, please come forward and help the poor little things get back home. You also just take them, if masturbating with potentially used dildos turns you on.