Many of you have probably seen a video of a Delta Airline plane that went viral a few days ago and caused many pants to be crapped in. In the video you can see a part of the engine rattling around in it. Even though the video looks very frightening, the plane successfully performed an emergency landing and no one was hurt.

Shortly after the video went viral, comedian Drew Godden tweeted a complaint to the company, explaining he was “sucked through the toilet hole in one of your aircrafts and am now hurtling through the sky.”

For some inexplicable reason a Delta customer service employee decided to answer:

And he promptly got the answer:

By this point they probably realized that such a scenario is not very likely and decided not to give a drink & sandwich voucher to the disappointed customer.

Although, considering that this is the airline that allowed Kenny G to performed to a literally captive audience during one of their flights, Mr. Godden may still hear from them.

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