Gravity always wins!

When the machine says insert card, the crow just takes the card from the lady. Smart crow. And when I say smart, I mean stupid. You have wings! Just fly to wherever you want to go!

On May 4th, 2018, at 15:30 local time in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Don Gorske has eaten his 30,000th Big Mac. He did it in the same McDonald’s he had his first Big Mac back in 1972 when this love affair started. Your first thought might be that he will probably die tomorrow of a […]

During the Middle Ages, at least 12 Churches & abbeys simultaneously claimed to have Christ’s foreskin. These included Charroux, Paris, Boulogne, Metz, Le Puy, Nancy, Besançon, Coulombs, Conques in France, Hildesheim in Germany, Antwerp & Bruges in Belgium & Calcata in Italy. Source: Whores of Yore

The lady in the photo is Dolores Leis Antelo from Cabana de Bergantiño in Spain and she might be Donald Trump’s long lost twin sister. Source:

What some people do for a little bit of fame…

It is 1520 and again you ask yourself the timeless question that has haunted humanity since they decided to shed their fur, skin other living beings and wear their fur instead – What will I wear tonight? Matthäus Schwarz from Augsburg, Germany has decided to document his daily plight and has given us a glimpse into […]

During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools. How interesting!