The race takes place every year in Congham, England and starts with the words: “Ready, steady, slow!”

And they said white people in cowboy hats can’t rap…

The National Aquarium in New Zealand names a naughty and good penguin of the month and they definitely had enough of Mo. He’s a total dick. If you want to be regularly updated on who was naughty and good visit this website once a month.

Digital artist and comedian got tired of the same old missing dog/my girlfriend’s a whore flyers that you see in your average neighborhood and decided to make his own. Together with his partner Sydney Marquez he glued ridiculous fake flyers all over a Los Angeles neighborhood. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people found the offers appealing. After […]


“It looks like a balloon. Is there stuff inside?” Damn right, there is stuff inside. Delicious stuff!

Take a look at this ten-minute trailer for Cohen’s new show. It shows Republican lawmakers talk about how toddlers should be armed with fun firearms and it will make you laugh, but it will scare even more.