Damn, these cats are ugly! Apparently medieval illustrators had trouble depicting cats in the marginalia of books. A serious study of this phenomena can’t be found on the Internet (Maybe the belly lint scientist could tackle this subject next?), but you can read a plausible explanation by this Quora user.    

It was made in 1830 and it was supposed to stop men from masturbating. It sure looks good, but everyone knows you can’t stop men from masturbating. Source: Whores of Yore

The Whiskey River Soap Co. has a soap for every problem. Soaps that help with annoying roommates, awkward problems, first world problems and many more.

It has confounded scientists and laymen alike since mankind put on their first shirt. Up until 2001, there has been no scientific research on “navel fluff” as it is called more scientifically. A surprising fact considering how many practical uses it has and the high price it achieves on the market! In 2001 Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, […]

Having sex with Jeff Goldblum probably sounds like this.

It is hard being a mouse today in this capitalist hell-hole we call planet Earth. After a whole day of being yelled at by his mouse boss at his mouse job, arguing with mouse customer service because his goddamn mouse cable doesn’t work properly again and his mouse wife giving him crap about how he […]

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