A teenage girl from the Zhejiang province in China had more than 100 bubble tea balls trapped in her stomach after drinking far too many cups of her favorite drink. She allegedly admitted she drank one cup of the tea before she was hospitalized, but the photo clearly shows that she probably drank a few gallons of the tea concoction.

The 14-year-old was dashed to hospital after suffering constipation. Scans found the patient had failed to digest the tiny dark balls, which are a crucial ingredient in bubble tea. Dr. Zhang Louwei, who treated the patient, said her abdomen was “bulging”.Her stomach, intestines, and rectum had been saturated with the tapioca balls. 

The beverage, popular in East Asia, but also in Europe, normally contains tea, milk and dozens of the small balls, known as “pearls” or “boba”. They are extracted from the dried roots of the cassava plant native to South America, and usually taste bland and have a chewy texture.

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