An award-winning lamb is currently under investigation and its title may be taken away after veterinarians at the Logan County Fair in Ohio found illegal drugs in its system.

It is suspected that the champion lamb was given a performance-enhancing diuretic, which is banned from competition because it makes the animal’s muscles feel leaner.

“We don’t know how it got in there, and we may never know. But it’s the exhibitor’s responsibility to present an animal to the fair for competition that’s free of all of those,” said Dr. Tony Forshey, the state veterinarian at the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

It was entered into the competition by a young 4-H member when it tested positive for the illegal drugs. 4-H is a network of youth organizations created to engage the development of young people and is administered by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

The lamb is currently being held until all the drugs are flushed out of its system. After that, it will be sent to slaughter and taken to market. A sad end to a promising career in lamb beauty pageants.

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