I would like to first clarify what bridezilla means. According to the Urban Dictionary, a bridezilla is “one ridiculous spoiled bitch that thinks she is the center of the universe, just because her “show” (the wedding) is 18 months from now. Everyone else in the world has to drop everything and come running in this prima-donna’s mind. The marriage will not last more than a couple of years, if the groom to be is lucky.

One such monster has published the following dress code in her wedding group 18 months before the actual event:

Surprisingly, some of her guests found the idea that they need to spend at least 1000$ on their outfits and that women weighing over 200lbs (90kg) should wear all black so that they don’t ruin her wedding with their fat bodies rather ridiculous. One guest took a screenshot and posted it on Facebook where it quickly went viral. The bride did not like that very much and quickly organized a lie-detector party.

I have never been to a lie detector party but it sounds like a lot of fun. Fun for everyone except Stephanie, who probably ended up, in the best case scenario, naked, tarred and feather on the side of a road somewhere. Stephanie, you are a true hero! I hope you are not dead in a dumpster behind psycho bridezilla’s house.

Caveat: This being the internet, it could all be fake. I truly hope it is because thinking that such terrible people exist on this planet makes me deeply sad.

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