A pair of inept burglars were arrested after apparently butt-dialing 911 while fleeing the scene of a burglary at a Best Buy near Houston, Texas on Saturday because one of them kept his phone in the stupidest place you can keep your phone – the back pocket. Keeping it under your armpit or between your butt cheeks is a better choice than the back pocket.

The men are alleged to have robbed a Best Buy in Sugar Land, Texas, at about 3 a.m. While responding to an alarm at the store, dispatch received a 911 call in the area. But instead of a caller, they heard only background noise.

Authorities said they tracked the cellphone to a car traveling toward Houston from the suburban electronics store and started to pursue it. Both suspects were arrested after a high-speed chase and stolen laptops were found inside the car.

“[He] somehow butt-dialed 911, they put it all together, officers were already en route to the alarm call when they got the other 911 call,” a communications officer for the Houston Police Department told Houston ABC station KT.

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