Every year, Pornhub, the website that has brought so much joy to so many people, releases comprehensive stats on the searches on its site. This year, there were 4.79 million new videos uploaded to Pornhubfeed and 30.3 billion searches — 962 a minute. The second most searched word was “Fortnite” which means that there are a lot of horny 13-year olds watching videos on an 18+ website. Enjoy!

We have all experienced it. You are doing your daily 10K, you are close to the end and your legs are failing. All you need is some hard bass to push you across the finishing line, but everything sounds like a phone from the ’70s through those crappy earphones. Your plight has now come to an end. With the easily insertable buttplug subwoofer, you will be hitting those brown notes while running and have all the musical motivation you need to achieve greatness. Buy it now!