If he can´t handle a bit off rotten fish, how does he expect to handle the reeking cesspool called politics.

If stare at this image for 20-30 seconds it wil completely disappear, but you must keep your gaze completely still and not blink or move your eyes. I tried it and it works.

This is called the Troxler effect, after the man who discovered it: Ignaz Paul Vital Troxler, in 1804.
What happens here is that your visual system constantly adapts to all the external stimuli. This is why after spending a few moments in the dark, you start to see a little better. This capability allows you to be in different lighting conditions, while still maintaining a pretty accurate estimate of the lightness and colour of objects.

Source: zmescience.com

The excitement will come to an abrupt stop when he realizes he is there to be neutered.

My grandma always used to stay that I´m as stupid as a toad, but look at these smart toads climbing on a snake´s back to escape a storm. Who´s stupid now grandma?

Have you eaten a whole medium-sized bird on Christmas? Has the holiday festive food left you fat and constipated? Taking a walk might help you get the bowels moving again. A 22,077 km walk from Magadan, Russia to Cape Town, South Africa.

Someone with way too much time on their hands at iheartchaos.com has been playing with Google Maps and found that the longest possible walk on this planet is between Magadan and Cape Town. The problem is it takes you through some of the most dangerous regions of the world including South Sudan and Syria. But if you managed to eat 2 kg of meat in one sitting, I´m sure you can handle a few terrorists who decapitate pedestrians for fun. Here is the Google Maps link to help you plan and a helpful guide to Magadan from a South African who took the walk back in 2005 after a particularly big Christmas dinner.

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