Some very familiar faces have shown up on posters promoting a family protection action plan of measures to make Hungarian women with four or more children exempt from income tax for life.

Mr. Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, populist dictator, and right-wing mega douche has started the campaign in order to boost the countries falling birth rate, rather than allow more immigrants into the country and he has put in charge someone who has obviously never been online. Had that person spent at least 5 minutes on the internet in past year, he/she would immediately recognize those faces.

The poster campaign features one of the internet`s most famous dysfunctional couples who are the stars of hundreds of memes and are not exactly known to promote family values.

The image selected for the new poster is entitled “happy couple or marriage hugging and enjoying in a couch at home”.The dramatic couple’s life includes everything from arguments, financial worries and romantic evenings. The images can be bought for very little money from Shutterstock.

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