Getting tired of your Chihuahua humping your leg? Does your Shih Tzu inseminate pillows all day long? Your problems could finally be solved with this ingenious sex toy specially designed for dogs.

The product was made by French design agency Feel Addicted, and has been marketed online as the ‘Hot Doll Game Sex for Dogs Toy No Doll Inflatable Sex Toy Dog’. It costs around 200 dollars with a 40 dollar shipping fee, but it is supposed to be of excellent quality and made from UV and heat resistant materials. The Hot Doll comes in white or dark grey and includes a small tank at the back where liquids go.

According to the Feel Addicted website, the dog will be naturally drawn to the doll, but the owner will have to teach it the specific purpose and stop it from going back to the pillows and soft toys it may be used to. Dogs with health problems should not use the Hot Doll, but otherwise, it’s supposed to be suitable for any pup.

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