Even though paying 10 bucks to a stranger on Facebook so he can predict your future sounds like a great idea, a young Glaswegian learned the hard way that it is not.

Niamh Gargan, 19, transferred money so she would find out what the future had in store for her. But she was disappointed when psychic ‘Brodie Mcdougall’ came up with 100% accurate insights that she was ‘into beauty and hair’ and wanted to ‘settle down with someone’. She was still willing to listen to Brodie, until she predicted she was soon to fall pregnant. ‘I can’t have children,’ Niamh replied, only to be told: ‘You adopted one x’

She has now shared screenshots of their conversations to warn other people that they may not get a legitimate psychic reading if they sign up via Facebook. The screenshots also show that apart from being an excellent psychic, Brodie McDougall has also amazing spelling and grammar skills.

Source: metro.co.uk

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