The German city of Bielefeld is not a place that attracts a lot of tourist and is not really famous for anything. The place is so bland that back in 1994 computer expert Achim Held used it to poke fun at online conspiracies and posted a satirical comment on the internet claiming that the city does not exist.

To this day, the joke refuses to die. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel once jokingly cast doubt on the existence of the city, which is allegedly located around 330 kilometers west of Berlin.

After decades of trying to prove it exists, the city of Bielefeld decided to finally embrace its alleged non-existence. Officials in Bielefeld said on Wednesday that they will give 1 million euros ($1.1 million) to the person who delivers solid proof of its non-existence. They said there are “no limits to creativity” for entrants, but only irrefutable evidence will qualify for the prize.

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