Peter Jacobsson, 32, was brought to the hospital after he shot himself in the penis. His .22-caliber gun dropped out of his pocket, hit the ground and fired on a busy street on Wednesday in Lincoln, Nebraska. The bullet hit the 32-year-old’s manhood. He has had treatment in hospital to gruesome injuries to his genitals, local media reports.

The man remains in a non-life-threatening condition in hospital but has been charged with various offenses. Luke Bonkiewicz, an officer with Lincoln Police Department, said the botched shooting happened on Wednesday at around 8.45pm near Bryan West Campus, a medical center in the Irvingdale area of the town.

Jacobsson has been charged on suspicion of discharging a firearm in the city and possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person.

We hope that he gets well soon, but we also hope that natural selection has ensured that none of his offspring get a chance to walk around with guns in their pockets.

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