The contest takes place every year in Petaluma, California as part of the Sonoma-Marin Fair. Along with the title “World’s Ugliest Dog” the winner receives 1500 dollars and a trip to New York. Typical of the Americans to choose the world’s ugliest dog from contestants who come only from the USA. I’m sure far uglier dogs exist in other parts of the world. Has anyone checked in China somewhere near a nuclear power plant?

Here are this year’s contestants:

Meet Zsa Zsa, the 9-year-old english bulldog who won this year’s contest. Her owner, Megan Brainard of Minnesota, will take home the 1500 dollar award money.
Himisaboo, the chinese crested wiener dog
Wild Thang, the Pekingese. My personal favorite.
Tee Tee, the Chinese crested

Rascal Deux, another Chinese crested. I think it is pretty clear in which country we would find the real world’s ugliest dog.

Mrs. Kravitz, the Chihuahua


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