What good is a new roof if you can`t shoot from it? James Webb, owner of a roofing company in Colorado, has also been asking himself this question for years and has decided to offer a free AR-15 rifle with every new roof.

A year ago, Webb changed the name of his company from Weather Proof Roofing to “Get a Roof Get a Gun.com.” “The whole idea came about because there’s so many roofing companies in Colorado, there’s no way to stand apart,’ he said. To generate business, Webb offered customers a free AR-15 with every completed roof.

“It’s a polarizing gun. If you’re a red-blooded American, you’ve served our country or served with the police, you get it. If you’re a liberal on the other side and need a safe space, you also get it,” said Webb.

The response to the promotion has been overwhelming and Webb had to increase his staff from 6 to more than 100.

I guess all you need to do in the US is to offer some sort of firearm with your product and success is guaranteed. A Beretta with every Happy Meal, a flame thrower with hair extensions and a shotgun with your expensive mortgage so that you can use it appropriately when they come to take you house away.

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