There is a new type of chemtrail in the sky over Russia. Orthodox priests have thrown liters of holy water over the city of Tver in an attempt to save its citizens from substance abuse and fornication.

The clergymen boarded a small plane before attempting to cure people in the central Russian city of Tver who were suffering from alcoholism and drug dependency. The priests brought 70 liters of holy water for their procession, along with two icons: the “Inexhaustible Chalice,” which is said to heal those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction, and an icon of John the Baptist. A married couple that claims the husband was miraculously cured of alcoholism was also on board the flight.

Once the plane reached 200 – 300 meters the clergyman started dumping the holy water over the town.

Some people, for reasons I cannot fathom, thought that this undertaking is ridiculous, but Father Alexander Goryachev had an answer ready for them.

“What is the joke? That we’re trying to help people get rid of diseases? We promote stopping alcohol consumption, drugs and fornication — is this laughable?” Goryachev told when asked whether people would take the act seriously. “Let them laugh and we will do our job,” he said.

I applaud the priests unbelievable stupidity coupled with surprisingly efficient and practical thinking, but I have an even better suggestion for them. Why not just dump the stuff into the citiy’s water suppyl and save themselves the hassle of renting a plane?

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