It seems that Alfred Hitchcock predicted the future in his iconic thriller The Birds. The only thing that he got wrong is the type of bird that will start the terror, choosing crows to star in his movie rather than the far more evil seagulls.

Evil nesting seagulls kept a couple hostage in their own home for six days by attacking them every time they tried to leave their house.

Roy and Brenda Pickard, from Knott End, England say they were constantly confronted by two noisy seagulls after they built a nest on their roof. There are two baby seagulls in the nest.

Mr. Pickard, 77, who ended up with a bloody head wound that needed hospital treatment after a particularly vicious attack said: “The whole thing has been terrible. I’ve not been able to go out of the front door. If I try to get out of the door, the two adult birds are right there and I’ve got no chance. It’s genuinely frightening.”

He added: “My wife isn’t well or very mobile at the moment so we’re relying on me to get out.

“Thankfully, we have an integrated garage and I can get into it from the kitchen, open the garage door and drive out to get our shopping, but I have to leave the garage door open, which isn’t ideal.”

Wyre Council say the gulls are Herring Gulls and are protected once nesting – which means the couple basically can’t get rid of them.

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