A few days ago, residents of the Phoenix area in the United States saw interesting shapes in the sky left by military airplanes. Many claimed the shapes resembled penises, which I agree with. The photos of the shapes received a lot of attention online and the US Air Force felt they need to clear things up.

Officials from said their pilots did not intentionally draw male anatomy with aircraft contrails in the skies above the Phoenix area.

Base spokesperson Becky Heyse told the Arizona Republic that leadership of the 56th Fighter Wing has reviewed the photos and flight audio to determine the shapes were made unintentionally. The F-35 fighter jets were conducting standard training maneuvers Tuesday. Heyse says the contrails were made as the jets were about to engage in a simulated dogfight.

If you ask me, if it looks like an intentional sky penis, swims like an intentional sky penis, quacks like an intentional sky penis, it probably is an intentional sky penis. No matter what officials say.