The Saint Lawrence Agency in Altamonte Springs, Florida offers “alien abduction policies” each worth 10 milion dollars in compensation.

It promises clients cover for supernatural sites, such as Area 51, and so far more than 6,000 people have taken out the policy. It offers coverage for a one-off fee of $24.95 in which they will mail a paper copy of the certificate in a frame. Digital copies cost $19.95, But there’s one catch in the small print – they will only pay $1 per year over a 10 to 20 million year period, providing the client remains alive for that long. 

Mike St Lawrence, who owns the firm, said that after a Facebook page urging people to storm Area 51 went viral, there was a sudden surge in interest for his silly insurance policy. 

Mr St Lawrence said: “I don’t want to try to rip somebody off. The people that come to me, if I think they don’t understand the terms and conditions, that this is tongue and cheek, I won’t sell it to them.” He claims that two people have submitted claims so far, with one even submitting a Polaroid photograph of the suspected aliens and the agency started paying them a dollar a year for 10 years before they lost contact.

“When I started most people thought it was completely absurd, and today I’d say 50 percent of the people think it’s a possibility.” he also added.




David Huggins from New York claims to have fathered dozens of half-human, half-alien hybrid kids since he lost his virginity at 17 to an alien called Crescent. Why does the alien have an English name? Do they speak English in outer space?

Asked how many children he had fathered, he said: “I was taken into a room and it was filled with babies and I had to touch every one. “The human touch was really important. The first time I touched one of the babies static electricity jumped from my hand to the baby. “This was right before I touched it and I pulled back and said to the Insect-being ‘Wow, did you see that?'” We do not know what the Insect-being replied, but it was probably in English.

David Huggins has painted a series of X-rated images showing him fornicating with an extraterrestrial named Crescent – experiences which led to dozens of hybrid children being born as a result, he claims. The now 74-year-old, from New York, has spoken about his experiences in a documentary, named Love and Saucers. Here is some of his crappy alien sex fetish art:

It’s a little alien that wants to get out!