A 5D porn cinema has just opened in the Dutch capital and it offer fans a unique way to enjoy their favorite movies.

The attraction features bouncing chairs as well as air, wind and water jets, offering viewers a totally immersive experience. What is water squirting in your face during a porn movie supposed to simulate? A golden shower? Or just a girl squirting in your face? I don`t even want to think about what the wind is supposed to simulate.

Despite the type of videos that will be screened, the owner, Natalie, claims the cinema is a suitable place to spend an evening with your loved ones and she describes it as being a bit like “an amusement park”.

Speaking to the Dutch Review, she said: “We are definitely not just going after tourists for our audience. It’s funny because in Amsterdam even the Dutch people have an interest in breaking free from the norm. Come with your wife, have a laugh, try something different. Lots of things happen so fast when you’re in the audience that when it’s finally all over you’re left feeling energized. You want to get back out there, have a beer or a coffee and talk, process what just happened.” Yeah, right. Because people process porn with beer, coffee, and talking.