Shanelle Cartwright, 20, wife of popular Australian rugby player Bryce Cartwright, whose only other achievement is that she has a lot of Instagram followers, claims she and her husband suffer from allergies and auto-immune problems because of inoculations and are still ‘healing’ from them. Instead, they say they focused on the ‘gut health’ of their youngsters by ‘exclusively breastfeeding’ for the first six months.

She, of course, backs all this up with scientific research published in the renowned scientific magazine called Facebook. Research that has all been peer-reviewed by her aunt Tammy and her best friend whose name is also Shanelle. Aunty Tammy blames vaccination for the fact she never got married and Shanelle, same as Shanelle, read many very convincing Facebook posts against vaccination.

She is also of the opinion that “All mammals will instinctively NOT soil their nest and will eliminate where mum tells them to. Just like you teach a kitten to go in a litter box or a puppy to only go outside – you teach a baby the same.”

Well, good luck predicting the exact moment when your newborn, who can´t walk to the litterbox or outside by itself, will take a shit. Hint: You can always tell by the eyes. Look that infant deep into the eyes and you will see the poop coming.