A female jogger has been caught on camera repeatedly pooing in a residential street in Paddington, Australia.

A celebrity publicist Roxy Jacenko, posted videos of a woman who can be seen stopping behind a car before pulling down her leggings and relieving herself on two occasions. One video shows her during an early morning run on October 10, while the other took place just after 6am on October 14.

Roxy wrote: ‘What an absolute disgrace you are, doing this in our residential street where we have a primary school and multiple residences. ‘This isn’t the first visit by the said female jogger. Do you know who this person is?’ Roxy obviously never ate a whole pot of chili and then went for a run next morining.

A neighbour said that pooing once is “fair enough if you’re caught short”, but said they had found human stool five times in the last three weeks. However, the resident added that the woman should not be shamed for her actions “as she could possibly have a medical condition”. She is also possibly just having her bathroom refurbished and has no other place to do her number twos. Or maybe she just enjoys the fresh air while taking a dump al fresco.

Pooing in public carries a maximum penalty of three months in prison and a $600 fine in New South Wales. A NSW Police spokesperson said they were aware of the circumstances of the jogger, but had not yet received an official complaint.



This definitely falls under the “too crazy to be true” category, but it is unfortunately true.

An Australian landlord has decided to rent one bed to two tenants and suggested they could take turns sleeping in it. The room, which was listed for rent on social media, costs $123 and has the ‘house rules’ scribbled all over the walls so there’s no danger of tenants breaking them.

The landlord says that the space is perfect for shift workers, who will be able to take turns sleeping in the bed depending on their working hours.

The sad thing is that there are a lot of desperate people who need a room and this enormous dick of a landlord, who is, judging by the ad text, also illiterate, will probably have no difficulties with renting this room.

Everything is dangerous in Australia.

An Australian appeals court on Friday dismissed a bullying case brought by an engineer who accused his former boss of repeatedly farting in his direction. I fart in your general direction!

The victim said that his former supervisor — who he called “Mr. Stinky” — would fart around him five or six times a day.
The Victoria state Court of Appeal upheld a Supreme Court judge’s ruling that even if engineer David Hingst’s allegations were true, flatulence did not necessarily constitute bullying.

Hingst told the court that his former boss, Greg Short, would enter his small, windowless office several times a day and break wind. Hingst “alleged that Mr. Short would regularly break wind on him or at him, Mr. Short thinking this to be funny,” Hingst said he would spray Short with deodorant and called his supervisor “Mr. Stinky.” “He would fart behind me and walk away. He would do this five or six times a day.” Hingst said outside court. Short told the court he did not recall breaking wind in Hingst’s office, “but I may have done it once or twice.”

After the ruling which did not go in his favor, Hingst said he would take his case to the High Court, Australia’s final court of appeal.

Although I do think farting on someone can be bullying, especially if you ate a whole pot of bean chilli a few hours earlier, I have to agree with his boss as well. Farting at someone is hilarious.

Who would want to leave an air-conditioned car when it is boiling hot outside? AC`s are the third best invention in human history, right after fire and the wheel.

Do you wish your house always smelled like a greasy McDonald`s restaurant? If the answer to this question is “yes”, your wishes can come true.

The Australian online shopping site, Grey Lines, offers a cheeseburger scented candle named “The Maccas Run” and retailing at 29.95 AUD, the candle boasts an impressive 30 hour burn time. The item actually sold out in January, but fortunately it has been restocked.

An Australian clothing company was forced to stop public voting for the cute baby pageant because of out-of-control parents who wrote insulting comments about the appearance of other competitors.

In the past babies have been called “hideous” and “just plain and weird looking”. Other comments on the shortlisted babies – which include two little children with Down syndrome – included: “a lot of babies deserved it more” and “there are better-looking kids then (sic) what were chosen”. A racist mom commented: “Obviously not going by looks or Australian,” and another comment said, “A child only a mother could love.”

Bonds Baby Search has announced that public voting is canceled and that staff will now pick the daily winners and they have also introduced a pets category into the competition that has an overall prize pool of $40,000.

I was riding the subway some time ago when I saw a gentleman reading a book that can help jealous moms be even more terrible online:

“Well, that didn’t end well, didn’t it?”

Australia is in the middle of a record-breaking heatwave. While temperatures are making life unbearable, they are also making stoves and barbecues redundant.