On January 26th, 1993, Calvin Hawley from Winnipeg, Canada came home and noticed that the curb outside his house is damaged.

“I came home from the hospital … and discovered a large chunk of curb under a whole whack of snow,” says Hawley, who lives on Tyrone Bay in St. Vital” The day is clear in his mind, because that’s when his second son was born.

Twenty-six years later, the damaged is still there.

Hawley says he called the City of Winnipeg in the early spring of 1993 and continued to call off and on over the years. He was promised repairs, but nothing happened.

“One time they told me the system for logging complaints had changed and my previous complaints weren’t on record.”

Hawley says the final straw came on July 1, 2017, as he was woken up by the sound of City of Winnipeg crews on his street.

“I was watching crews merrily drive past the front of my driveway to stop and repair other curbs on the other side of the bay that weren’t as damaged as mine or as old.”

But the years of complaints have finally paid off and he has a repair date. The city officials have confirmed that the curb will be repaired by 2037! Better late than never.

It happened again, this time in Canada. Somehow, I have the feeling that this will keep happening. A few days ago Canadian police livestreamed a press conference on Facebook about a double homicide using a filter that made an officer appear to have whiskers and cat ears.

A spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of British Columbia apologized for the “technical difficulties,” and explained that an “automatic setting” on Facebook Live had been switched on. The press conference was re-recorded without the cat filter and the new version was posted to Facebook Friday.

The not so funny part of this otherwise hilarious incident is that the press conference addressed the double homicide of American Chynna Noelle Deese, 24, who was visiting her Australian boyfriend, Lucas Robertson Fowler, 23, in Canada for vacation.

A theater in Montreal Canada left children terrified when they played The Curse Of La Llorona, instead of Detective Pikachu

The problems began whit the trailers. First up was Annabelle Comes Home which has the terrifying doll Annabelle in the leading role. It was followed by the trailers for The Joker and Child´s play, featuring car crashes, knives, blood, and even murders.

The kids were probably crapping their pants by this point, but the real fun was just starting. It turned out there was a reason why these trailers were played. The theater did not just play the wrong trailers, but the wrong movie. They made way for The Curse of La Llorana, a supernatural horror about a ghost who torments a social worker and her family. The movie opens with a scene of a mother drowning her child. The smell in the theater must have been unbearable due to so many pants being crapped.

Movie critic Ryan George was in the theater and gave us a live report via Twitter:


When the theatre finally realized their mistake and turned off the movie, the moviegoers were all moved into another theatre, where Detective Pikachu was paused on the screen suggesting that that the two movies may have been running simultaneously, but the audiences were directed to the wrong rooms.

On Sunday, March 31 a Quebec family attempted to cross into Canada from the United States with dead grandpa in the back of their car. The family had driven the 80-year-old man to the Canadian border after he had died two days before. Why did they do that? Because American healthcare is just too expensive to take him to a hospital in the USA.

According to the Toronto Sun, the family of three, a mother and father in their 80s and a son in his 60s, were driving home from their Florida vacation when the 80-year-old father began experiencing some health problems.

Instead of taking the father to the hospital, the family decided that the American health care system was just too expensive. After he had passed, they also decided that dealing with the repatriating of the body from America to Canada was also too expensive for them and that their best option would be to put their dead family member in the back of the car and to simply drive him back to the Canadian border. 

What a jerk!

With commentary from the shop owner.