A retiree has been arrested in Japan, Because he annoyed the employees of his telephone company with around 24,000 calls.

After 71-year-old Akitoshi Okamoto called more than 400 times last week on the free customer service number of his telephone company KDDI, the company had enough and contacted the police. A spokesman for the Tokyo police told the news agency AFP, he had been arrested for “fraudulent business obstruction” on Tuesday.

According to the Japanese media, Okamoto had called KDDI tens of thousands of times over the past two years because, in his view, the telephone company had violated the terms of the contract. He vented his anger and repeatedly insulted KDDI employees. “He demanded that KDDI employees come to his house and apologize for the breach of contract,” said the police spokesman.

He might be on to something there. I think I will also start demanding that the phone company people come to my place and apoogize in person every time they mess something up. 


Although it is terrible to treat people like that, It is also very funny.