An office worker from Charlotte, North Carolina was charged with food tampering after an analysis found his own semen in the glaze.

Adam Richardson, 37, allegedly purchased some plane doughnuts and took them home where he mixed icing sugar with his semen and glazed the doughnuts with the mixture.

Employees at the farewell party who ate the doughnuts reported something unusual about the flavor, noting that there was a salty aftertaste. After seeing the boss eat a doughnut and complimenting him on the taste, employees said Richardson burst into uncontrolled laughter.

“We figured then that he’d spiked the doughnuts with something because there’s a bit of bad blood in the past between the pair,” said one employee, “but we had no idea it was his own semen.”

After Richardson was arrested, he said that he wanted to get revenge for the 12 years of torment by his boss and coworkers. He is now facing a jail sentence. This was just one of his many semen-based recipes and after he gets out of prison he would like to continue his career in avant-garde cooking and molecular gastronomy.