The pharmaceutical company Pfizer has been producing the erectile dysfunction drug in Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork for the last two decades and villagers claim that Ringaskiddy’s proximity to the plant has been giving local men – and even their canine friends – massive boners.

Barmaid Debbie O’Grady told the Sunday Times: “One whiff and you’re stiff. We’ve been getting the love fumes for years now for free.” Ms. O’Grady’s mother, Sadie, said that living in Ringaskiddy is a blessing for men who suffer “problems in that department”, adding that there is “something in the air”. She added: “I’m a flirtatious woman, a lot of us are. You just have to have a spark, that’s all. There’s a lovely man waiting down the road for me.” Fiona Toomey, who recently returned to the village after five years in America, said that local dogs “walk around in a state of sexual excitement”.

Pfizer denies these allegations and calls them nothing but an amusing myth. “Our manufacturing processes have always been highly sophisticated as well as highly regulated,” they said.

What´s an agouti? An agouti is a rodent of the genus Dasyprocta. They are related to guinea pigs and look quite similar, but are larger and have longer legs. In this video, you can observe the elusive agouti boner.