An Australian appeals court on Friday dismissed a bullying case brought by an engineer who accused his former boss of repeatedly farting in his direction. I fart in your general direction!

The victim said that his former supervisor — who he called “Mr. Stinky” — would fart around him five or six times a day.
The Victoria state Court of Appeal upheld a Supreme Court judge’s ruling that even if engineer David Hingst’s allegations were true, flatulence did not necessarily constitute bullying.

Hingst told the court that his former boss, Greg Short, would enter his small, windowless office several times a day and break wind. Hingst “alleged that Mr. Short would regularly break wind on him or at him, Mr. Short thinking this to be funny,” Hingst said he would spray Short with deodorant and called his supervisor “Mr. Stinky.” “He would fart behind me and walk away. He would do this five or six times a day.” Hingst said outside court. Short told the court he did not recall breaking wind in Hingst’s office, “but I may have done it once or twice.”

After the ruling which did not go in his favor, Hingst said he would take his case to the High Court, Australia’s final court of appeal.

Although I do think farting on someone can be bullying, especially if you ate a whole pot of bean chilli a few hours earlier, I have to agree with his boss as well. Farting at someone is hilarious.

A team of scientists eager to unlock the mysteries of fish friendship have discovered that herring use air emissions from their anuses to communicate with their species. Isn`t nature amazing?

The sound they produce has been named “Fast Repetitive Tick”, or FRT. Scientists interested in the strange noise associated with the fish captured Pacific and Atlantic herring to observe their mysterious “burst pulse sounds” in captivity. The pulses also occurred more frequently at night, and appeared unrelated to subjects’ feeding habits or access to air.

Fish are not the only species that communicates via farts. I too frequently express my wishes, desires and dismay with farts. As with herrings, my farts also appear to be unrelated to feeding habits or access to air.

“Did you shit?”

This is why I pay for the Internet! 

It is easy for a young man to scare innocent chihuahuas with farts. Wait until he is 50 and loses control of his anus. Every fart will be a potential shart.

A blue whale can make a fart bubble big enough to fit a horse in it.