It certainly has more fibre than ice cream.

If the rat can do it, so can you!

An overweight rodent was the cause of a multi-agency rescue operation in Bensheim, Germany. The Auerbach volunteer fire brigade and the Rhein-Neckar animal rescue team were all called in to rescue a rat who got stuck in a manhole because he was too fat. A team of about eight rescuers was able to raise the cover and pull the rat free.

“The rat had quite a lot of winter fat and got stuck on its hips — nothing was going forward and nothing back,” animal rescuer Michael Sehr told news agency DPA.

“The animal was subsequently released again into the wild. The fire department’s operation was completed after a good 25 minutes,” said the Auerbach fire department.

This piece of breaking news was reported all across the world by all the biggest news outlets. If you are dreaming of international fame, this is the way to go about it. Start eating like there`s no tomorrow and when you feel you have the appropriate volume and weight, get stuck in a manhole somewhere. Instant fame is guaranteed.

Although it is terrible to treat people like that, It is also very funny.