My nose is runny and now I can’t breathe.

Why is there no WI-FI in this place? And the signal is also shit!

There was literally not a single pair of shoes that I liked in that store. Am I supposed to walk barefoot?!

My coffee is cold.

Half of my biscuit fell into the tea. Someone, please shoot me!

I could sit here for hours and come up with insignificant things people complain about. We all moan about them and what is much worse, we have to listen to other people moan about them. However, we might not have to feel the excruciating pain of listening to someone complain about how their earphones always get tangled anymore.

The online service Ossan Rental offers a service which allows you to endlessly complain about your petty little problems in return for a fee. Set up by Japanese businessman Takanobu Nishimoto, the service launched in 2012 and allows people to rent an “Ossan” or “uncle” who will listen to you talk about your problems and provide you with some life advice, for just 1000 Yen (7£, 9$, 8€) an hour.

Ossan Rental employee Hideki Nakahara

In an interview with the Japanese Times Nishimoto said: “A lot of people need advice on their lives, their careers, and their relationships. I’m not a counselor, but I thought my experience might help someone out there. I realized middle-aged men, in general, were considered ‘gross’,” he explained. “I wanted to do something to restore our reputation and prove that middle-aged men were useful, that we were cool.”

Thank you Mr. Nishimoto for making middle aged men cool again and I hope that someone brings this service closer to me. If I have to listen to Sharon from HR talk about how they don’t put enough dressing on her tri-grain kale salad in the cafeteria one more time, I might do something very violent and stupid.