According to this video made by the BBC, sea cucumbers are so disguisting that no predator wants to touch them. When the cunning pearlfish realized that, they decided to hide inside of their buttholes. What a revolutionary idea! It changes my whole outlook on butts.

The sea cucumber is a “walking colon” – an animal that sucks in sand along the ocean floor, then squirts waste out the back end. To the pearlfish, that back end is attractive. In search of a good home, it finds a sea cucumber butt and slides right in. It is such a comfortable house that it invites her pearlfish family and friends to joint it. Everyone is welcome. 

Next time the police wants to arrest me for riding a bike without a light and illegal posession of a raccoon, I’ll go to the zoo and hide inside an elephant’s butt. Even if they read this, I’m pretty sure they won’t try looking for me there.


A team of scientists eager to unlock the mysteries of fish friendship have discovered that herring use air emissions from their anuses to communicate with their species. Isn`t nature amazing?

The sound they produce has been named “Fast Repetitive Tick”, or FRT. Scientists interested in the strange noise associated with the fish captured Pacific and Atlantic herring to observe their mysterious “burst pulse sounds” in captivity. The pulses also occurred more frequently at night, and appeared unrelated to subjects’ feeding habits or access to air.

Fish are not the only species that communicates via farts. I too frequently express my wishes, desires and dismay with farts. As with herrings, my farts also appear to be unrelated to feeding habits or access to air.

The bony-eared assfish holds the record for the smallest brain-to-body weight ratio of all vertebrates. Like many other creatures that dwell in the depths of the sea, the bodies of assfish are soft and flabby, and their skeletons are light and reduced. This is likely to have resulted from a lack of food and the high pressures which accompany living at such a depth, making it difficult to generate muscle and bone