The Sherrif’s office in Dade County, Florida say a Florida man repeatedly called 911 to report that his roommate had stolen his marijuana.

A deputy for the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office posted a Twitter response to the man’s calls Saturday night and told him to stop calling.

Deputy Neal Zalva says in the Twitter video that he called the man back to tell him to quit contacting the sheriff’s office about his stolen marijuana. Zalva recorded the video as part of the agency’s #TweetAlong program, which allows viewers to get a behind-the-scenes look at police work.

Although recreational marijuana use is illegal in Florida, a spokesman said that no charges were filed against the caller.

Such style!

Five guys were arrested at a Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Florida after allegedly getting into a fistfight.

The Stuart Police Department announced the arrests on Facebook: “Five guys were involved in the fight, and those five guys found themselves under arrest.”

A witness said a cup was thrown and a door slammed in someone’s face before an “all-out brawl” broke out, according to an arrest report. The cause of the fight is unknown.

Three male juveniles and two adult men were charged and processed at the Martin County Jail for a first degree misdemeanor charge resulting from two or more people fighting in a public place and disturbing the peace.

Keith Morine and Loren Perine, of Stuart, who are both 18, were arrested and booked into the Martin County Jail, the newspaper reported. The three male minors were fingerprinted, booked into the jail and later released to parents.

That’s an easy mistake to make. Iguanas are basically green, four-legged humans. Or humans are non-green, two-legged iguanas. It depends on your point of view.

According to the Boca Raton Police Department, a neighbor hired an iguana hunter to kill nuisance iguanas in the area. Instead of an iguana, the hunter shot a pool maintenance worker with a pellet gun.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife said there are multiple ways of getting rid of iguanas. One of them is obviously a pellet gun. Others are trapping and snaring, using iguana repellents and performing the ritual go-away-iguana dance. My personal favorite method is catching one, nailing it to a cross alive, placing the cross in an elevated, visible position in your back yard and letting it slowly die of exposure. That will make those green bastards think twice about trespassing on your property.

Steve Kavashansky, the owner of Iguana Busters, said, “our preferred method is a shot to the head, it’s quick, it’s humane.”

The iguana hunter who hit the pool maintenance worker was not charged.

Authorities say a Florida man impersonating an officer turned on the red and blue lights on his car and unknowingly tried to stop a car with a real officer.

Matthew Erris, 26, was arrested on a charge of impersonating a public officer.

The arrest report says Erris turned on the red and blue lights on his SUV in Plant City, Florida, to try to stop the car in front of him.

The driver was an undercover Hillsborough County sheriff’s detective in an unmarked car. He didn’t pull over. Instead, he called dispatchers to alert other deputies, who later stopped Erris. It is not known why Erris tried to stop the car, but he did admit using the lights to get through heavy traffic.

A Florida Man who was being investigated for causing a drunken disturbance yesterday at a public library was arrested after he gave cops a fake social security number and an even more fake name.

Police say that Jonathan Chapman, 45, was asked several times Tuesday afternoon to leave the Pinellas Park library, but he refused. Chapman, who was reportedly intoxicated and smelled of alcohol, was then asked to identify himself. Instead of giving his real name to the police, he decided to give them his Bourne identity. He tried to show his Bourne supremacy, but it didn´t work and he was arrested for resisting an officer. The judge gave him a Bourne ultimate which says that he has to stay in jail until he can come up with 150 dollars for the bond.

A man from Pinellas County, Florida, denied ownership when jail officials found syringes in his rectum during an early morning strip search.

Wesley Scott, 40, was arrested Friday in Pinellas County on an outstanding warrant charging him with drug possession, reports The Smoking Gun.

When Scott was searched at the jail, he “removed three syringes from his rectum and provided them” to a jailer. Scott then claimed that he “found” the syringes and that “they were not his.”, although he did not explain how they wound up in his buttocks.

Scott was charged with introducing contraband into a correctional facility and held on $5,000 bond.

Terrence Rowe, 64, mayor of Port Richey, Florida, was arrested on charges of obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice and use of a two-way communication device to facilitate the commission of a crime 20 days after taking over for the previous mayor, who also had been arrested.

The former mayor, Dale Massad, 68, is accused of firing at a Pasco sheriff’s SWAT team that was arresting him on allegations that he was practicing medicine without a license. Massad’s house was raided after state agents said they received a tip that he was practicing medicine without a license. Records show an undercover operation was set up for Massad to treat someone feigning a knee injury. Rowe was acting mayor after Governor DeSantis suspended Massad from office. Authorities say that Rowe’s arrest is an off-shoot of Massad’s arrest. They have both conspired to intimidate a police officer who was investigating Massad`s case.

What is going on in Port Richey? Someone should make a true crime podcast about this.

A financial genius from Florida stole more than $30,000 in rare coins and cashed them in for a fraction of their value at change machines at area grocery stores.

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said Shane Anthony Mele, 40, stole the rare presidential coins, valued at $1,000 each, the Palm Beach Post reports. 

Mele sold some of the coins to a pawn shop for $4,000, then exchanged the majority of them through CoinStar change machines at grocery stores, which would only give face value for them, a fraction of they are worth.

Other good business ideas he might consider investing in when he gets out of prison are BitCoin, Lehman Brothers stocks and Microsoft Zune 2. All are guaranteed to quadruple his money.

Descendants of monkeys used in a 1930s Tarzan movie are spreading a strain of herpes B.

A sizable population of wild monkeys is sweeping across the state after being introduced during the 1939 filming of “Tarzan Finds a Son.” There are now an estimated 1,000 rhesus monkeys roaming the Sunshine State — all descended from three males and three females released together in the late 1930s. A Colonel Tooley released them on an island which he called “Monkey Island” as a promotion for the movie thinking that they could not swim. He was wrong. 80 years later, some of the primates have been seen as far away as Jacksonville and Sarasota, more than 100 miles from Silver River State Park in Central Florida, where they began their adventure.

As if having annoying monkeys around isn`t enough, it turns out that they are also carriers of a potentially dangerous virus. A study published last month by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in their journal found that some of the animals excrete a virus that can be dangerous to people. The rhesus macaques in Silver Spring Park are known to carry herpes B. It seems some of the monkeys have the virus in their saliva and other bodily fluids, raising the risk to humans.

Now I do not want to be negative here, but isn`t that how Rene Russo almost died and the whole world population was almost wiped out, but Dustin Hoffman saved us all at the last moment? Or was that a movie?