Remember how Ross from Friends stole beer from a store in Blackpool in North West England? After the police posted a photo of the thief on Twitter, it received an enormous amount of comments about the culprit being Ross from Friends. So many that the actor himself had to protest his innocence with a video posted on Twitter.

After a thorough investigation, the police concluded it was not Ross a.k.a. David Schwimmer. The actual criminal’s name is Abdulah Husseini. Lancashire Police today said: ‘Police are trying to trace Abdulah Husseini, 36, after he failed to appear at court. ‘Husseini was due to appear at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court on December 18 accused of theft and four counts of fraud. ‘This relates to a coat, mobile phone and wallet being stolen from Mr Basrai’s restaurant on Talbot Road, Blackpool on Thursday, September 20.

The orginal photo that started the controversy compared to the real Ross.

Whatever the police say, I don’t believe them a single word. That always nice and lovingly goofy Ross never fooled me. You could see the evil in his eyes.