A student from Downington, Pennsylvania really wanted to win in a water gun fight and decided to hack the school district’s system and access personal information belonging to dozens of students. The attack was discovered on October 11th during the Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

“It makes me kind of nervous knowing somebody can hack into our school system,” student Holly Griswold said.

“An attack like this in an attack not only on the school district, but it’s also an attack on our students and their families,” school district official Jennifer Shealy said.

Officials say a student used coding methods to gain access to a student portal called Naviance. The website helps students with their post-high school plans.

“It looks like it was what we call an account takeover, so the hacker was able to get teachers’ login information and from there they could access all the students’ information,” said Maya Levine, a security engineer with Check Point Softw

A school district spokesperson says the hacker gained access to a range of private information: student identifications, grade point averages, addresses, phone numbers, genders and ethnicities.

Officials say a student wanted to gain a competitive advantage in a game known as Senior Water Games, where students go around town shooting water guns at each other.

How point averages and phone numbers could help him win a water gun fight remains unclear.