Australia is in the middle of a record-breaking heatwave. While temperatures are making life unbearable, they are also making stoves and barbecues redundant.

Had enough of the heat wave which has made living uncomfortable even in the usually temperate northern Europe where I am currently situated? Tired of sweating 24/7? Tired of having red and itchy armpits because the industrial strength deodorant you have to use irritates your skin? Pack up your backs and move to one of these 13 cities for which Nolan Gray from Medium says have the perfect temperature all year round.  Guatemala City here I come! Because I would rather get shot in one of the murder capitals of the world than live ome more second in this hot and humid hell.

Btw. here is a video of a robbery at gunpoint in Guatemala. It’s not that bad:

This map shows the maximum temperatures on July 3. If the trend continues, I predict that all of our brains will start boiling and our heads will explode on August 24, 2018. Yes, I just made my first doomsday prediction. We are all doomed.