A woman in Norway appears to enjoy hobby horsing a lot. In fact, she enjoys it so much that she got rid of the weird, horse head and took matters into her own hands…and feet. If you haven´t heard about hobby horsing, check out this video. Once you discover the magic world of hobby horsing, your life will never be the same again.

Ayla Kirstine went viral recently after videos of her running around like a horse were posted on Twitter.

Christina’s Instagram page doesn’t have much information on her, but there are lots of videos of her playing horse.

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Jump to the stars and back, Christine! We believe in you.

The Website Reborns Baby Nursery is a community for people who want to sell their hand-made fake latex babies. It is surprising to see how many people have this weird hobby. And when I say surprising, I mean not surprising at all. For every weird hobby you can imagine, there is probably a huge globally connected community of weirdos who love it. Btw. you can also buy fake drowned babies.

Jewel Boo III
By Barefeet Baby Boutique

18 inches (45.7 centimeters)

Jewel, Born on the wind and , kissed by the Moon. Barefeet Babies Boo Babies. Loving little ones looking for those special Mom’s who will spoil them rotten.

I have weighted her with glass beads and poly fil so she feels like a real baby when picked up. If you enjoy a baby who will love you unconditionally Jewel is your baby.

$260.00 USD (approx. 260.00 USD)
Postage: United States only $40.00 USD