If you are the sort of person who thinks that the Carolina Reaper pepper is for little children than you should definitely try the newest hot sauce on the market.

Scientific Steve’s Venom Chilli Sauce is a new sauce developed to mimic the bite of a venomous spider. Specifically, that of the Trinidad Chevron tarantula’s fangs which leave victims with “muscle spasms and burning pain” because muscle spasms make everything taste more delicious.

It was developed by Venomtech, a company based in Kent, England. Director and founder Steven Trim, 41, said: “It’s as best as we can manage without actually tasting the venom. It’s a similar heat component that the venom would cause. I laughed it off at the time and said it was hilarious to do. Nobody has been foolish enough to try the venom. But we kept bringing it up when we bumped into each other over the year. We finally hit on the idea of doing a synthetic inspired sauce.”

The sauce can be purchased here for £6.50 although it is currently out of stock. Bon appetit!