A few days ago, a video went viral of a man smashing the entrance of a hotel in Liverpool, England because he did not get paid for the job. In the video the builder is heard shouting: “I told you 600 f***ing quid”, as he ploughed through glass windows, destroying the ceiling and front desk. The internet rallied in support of the “little man” oppressed and used by the big corporations and even a crowdfunder was set up with a 600£ target, reaching 2200£. Here is the original video:

It turns out now that our hero is a massive jerk and has a serious rage problem that needs to be addressed by experts. The man’s co-workers have come forward and claimed that he had been paid, but just didn’t check his account. Due to a bank glitch the payment was delayed a few days from Friday to Monday. A colleague who was not named told the Sun: “The money was supposed to go into his bank on Friday. But there was some kind of glitch and it didn’t go in until Monday. He didn’t check his bank account and didn’t realize he’d actually been paid. That’s why he went mental and wrecked the place.” Luckily, he can use that crowdfunding money to pay what he now owes to the hotel. If the payment is not on time, his front door will be destroyed.