According to Taiwanese media, a man dressed in white, who seemed to have just exited the cinema after watching the three-hour movie, started revealing spoilers loudly by the entrance. The incident happened outside a cinema in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Cinemagoers who were waiting to enter the doors were fuming and some reportedly went to beat the man up to teach him a lesson. A photo has appeared online, showing a bloody man that seems to have been beaten up for giving away spoilers outside the cinema, but, as with everything on the internet, it might be fake.

Some people on social media have questioned the authenticity of the incident, but there were also commenters who claimed that they were at the scene and heard someone spoiling the plot of the film at the cinema entrance. True or not, this anecdote will serve as a deterrent to all those who have the urge to give away movie spoilers.

Today I nominate this totally original, not a rip-off at all work of art. Its original name is 3 Dev Adam or 3 Giant Men and it tells the story of an evil man-spider who can masterfully wield a switchblade and use guinea pigs as a weapon. He terrorizes Istanbul and, worst of all, counterfeits American dollars. A crime that Turkish-speaking Captain America and his Mexican Wrestler buddy Santo cannot forgive. They pack up their costumes and come to foil the evil man-spiders plans.

Take a look at the trailer to appreciate the genius of this creation. The whole movie with English subtitles is available on YouTube.