The man formerly known as John Lomas, 38, changed his name to John Michael Jackson because he was a big fan of his during childhood.

After seeing the documentary Leaving Neverland in which the famous singer was accused of being a pedophile, the factory worker from Malvern, England is having some second thoughts. The documentary gives some pretty damning evidence that Michael Jackson (The singer, not the factory worker.) was a sick, abusive pedophile who systematically abused little boys and you don`t really want to share a name with such a person. The same way the name Adolf has been pretty much dead since the 40´s.

He said: “During my childhood I had various obsessions and special interests growing up and one of those has been Michael Jackson. A few years ago I went to LA and soon after that I changed my name to Michael Jackson legally. I have supported him blindly for years and but it has come to a point with everything recently that I’ve thought, ‘no more’.”

Well, I`m pretty sure that if Mr. Jackson met you during your childhood, you would have been his obsession and special interest.