A Utah County woman was arrested after falsely reporting that her husband killed her.

Police received a 911 call from a woman saying that a man told her he shot his wife. The woman was allegedly the mistress of the husband, and when the wife found this out she took his phone and left. She then texted the mistress pretending to be him, and told her he shot his wife, wondering how the woman would react. She reacted in a very predictable manner and called the police, of course.

Several officers arrived at the home within minutes and when the alleged murderer walked up to them things got a little bit confusing, but he eventually managed to explain the bizarre sequence of events and convince the police there is nothing wrong with his wife. Except maybe her mental health, but that is not a matter for the police.

The wife was arrested and charged with investigation of criminal mischief and making a false police report involving death. The couple has only been married for 10 months.

The Queen’s role in modern society is mostly limited to ceremonial obligations. They basically boil down to a modelling contract which has her face on every single bill and coin in the UK and other countries. However, that is not the whole story. Among other things, she also enjoys a lesser known historical perk. The website Today I Found Out writes:

As the current monarch of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and a bunch of other countries that have her on their money, the Queen enjoys something known as sovereign immunity. In a nutshell, sovereign, or crown immunity as it is sometimes known, means that the Queen is for all intents and purposes above the law. So does this mean that the Queen could just up and kill somebody if she felt like it, all the while getting off scot free? In theory, yes, absolutely.

Think twice next time you insult those ugly Diamond Jubilee plates which you can buy on every corner in London. James Bond is not the only one with a licence to kill.