A Chinese woman who attempted to eat a live octopus found herself in an awkward situation when it defended itself using its sticky tentacles. The popular blogger and live streamer, who is known as ‘seaside girl Little Seven’, streamed the video of the incident online and it did not take long for the clip to go viral.

In the 50-second viral video, the blogger can be seen holding an octopus while trying to eat it alive. However, in an attempt to protect itself, the sea creature sticks its tentacles around her face. The blogger screams out in pain as she tries to free herself.

According to a Daily Mail report, the blogger can be heard screaming “painful” and “I can’t remove it” in the viral clip as she tries to get rid of the octopus stuck to her face. Finally, it gives in but not before leaving a bloody mark on her face. At the end of the clip, she cried ‘I’ll eat it in the next video’ after being wounded.

In the next video you die, seaside girl Little Seven!

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