Police in Wellington, New Zealand received a report about a little blue penguin in the city center, near a sushi stall over the weekend. They have captured it and released the animal back into the harbor.

A few days later the little bird returned with an accomplice showing no regard for our silly human laws. Officers said they started building a nest beneath a sushi stall at Wellington Railway Station, in the heart of the city.

After luring them out with salmon, the police again sent the seabirds back to the water, while wildlife officers sealed up the sushi stall’s nooks and crannies to prevent any re-offending.

Department of Conservation manager Jack Mace said their breeding season is starting soon and they were searching for safe places “to set up shop to lay eggs later on.” Safe and close to sushi grade fish. Smart birds.

The National Aquarium in New Zealand names a naughty and good penguin of the month and they definitely had enough of Mo. He’s a total dick. If you want to be regularly updated on who was naughty and good visit this website once a month.