Welcome back to the Middle Ages! A religious group called “SMS z nieba” or “SMS from Heaven”, which obviously is not aware that no one sends SMS messages anymore, not even God, has published photos on Facebook in which a Catholic priest burns books they consider to be sacrilegious, including Harry Potter books.

The burning took place in the city of Gdansk. The Facebook post justifies the bonfire with Bible quotes condemning magic. Among the books you can also see a tribal mask, an elephant figurine and what seems to be a Hello Kitty umbrella. I always knew that Kitty White is an evil witch spawned by Satan himself, but what do they have against elephants?

If you don`t believe it or think this is some sort of Onion-type parody, take a look for yourself:

Well, you can`t take a look yourself anymore because the post was deleted sometime today.

Pretty impressive. A Redditor mentioned that there must be at least one more aisle of the same size filled with flavored vodka.