A man from Colorado (Not a Florida man, surprisingly.) who was admitted to the hospital for a kidney stone received surprising news when the nurse came back with test results revealing he was actually a woman.

Steve Crecelius, a photographer from Denver, said he felt different all his life and always had a strong feminine side. When he went to the emergency room five years ago, he wasn’t very surprised when the nurse told him she found traits of both genders in his ultrasound results.

“The nurse is reading the ultrasound and says, ‘Huh, this says you’re a female. It was very liberating. I had spent so much energy after the age of 13 constantly evaluating how people looked at me and acted towards me.” Crecelius said.

Steve, who now goes by “Stevie,” said his wife and their six children accepted his new identity right away. Crecelius and his wife, Debbie, have been together for 25 years and she’s supported him every step of the way, including taking him to buy his first bra. She told him, “You know, when I first saw you, I said to myself,  ‘He runs like a girl.'”

Getting tired of your Chihuahua humping your leg? Does your Shih Tzu inseminate pillows all day long? Your problems could finally be solved with this ingenious sex toy specially designed for dogs.

The product was made by French design agency Feel Addicted, and has been marketed online as the ‘Hot Doll Game Sex for Dogs Toy No Doll Inflatable Sex Toy Dog’. It costs around 200 dollars with a 40 dollar shipping fee, but it is supposed to be of excellent quality and made from UV and heat resistant materials. The Hot Doll comes in white or dark grey and includes a small tank at the back where liquids go.

According to the Feel Addicted website, the dog will be naturally drawn to the doll, but the owner will have to teach it the specific purpose and stop it from going back to the pillows and soft toys it may be used to. Dogs with health problems should not use the Hot Doll, but otherwise, it’s supposed to be suitable for any pup.

The president of Uganda has said he wants to ban the nation’s citizens from practicing oral sex because ‘the mouth is for eating’.

President Yoweri Museveni blamed ‘outsiders’ for trying to convince Ugandans to perform oral sex on one another – and said he was issuing a public ‘warning’ about it.

“Let me take this opportunity to warn our people publicly about the wrong practices indulged in and promoted by some of the outsiders. One of them is what they call oral sex. The mouth is for eating, not for sex. We know the address of sex, we know where sex is.” he said.

Museveni signed the Anti-Homosexuality Act in 2014, making it illegal to be gay in Uganda.

Your mouth is for eating shit, Mr. President.

How dare they?!

This is not the Onion. This is actual news from planet Earth in the year 2019. The Utah State Legislature has passed a bill on last Tuesday that repealed the misdemeanor crime of fornication, making sex outside of marriage legal in the state.

According to FOX13 Salt Lake City, the House passed Senate Bill 43 with a 41-32 vote. The bill was sent to Republican Gov. Gary Herbert for his signature or veto. It was unclear if he supports the bill. Some conservative members of the state House did not like the bill and voted against it. Remember, this was last Tuesday in the year 2019. Not in 1546.

“What is legally is often far below what is morally right,” said state Republican Rep. Kevin Stratton, who objected to the bill. “And I recognize our laws are not strong enough to rule an immoral people.”

Sex between unmarried people was criminalized in 1973, but the regulation was largley not enforced.

When falcon breeders want to breed falcons, they wear special falcon sex hats. The hat encourages the falcon to copulate with the breeder’s head and collects the falcon sperm, with which females can then be artificially inseminated. They were invented by falconer Les Boyd in the early 19070s and they have supposedly saved the peregrine falcon from extinction. If you are into that kind of thing, you can buy yourself one on Amazon. Here is also a video of Moxie having fun with his owners head: