Ryan Landy, from Florida, U.S, left programmed his Roomba to clean up the floor when he is not at home, but when he came back, his house was a big shitty mess.

Ryan’s dog Apollo left a turd pile in the kitchen and the Roomba did not only fail to recognize it as an obstacle, it also proceeded to spread it throughout the house.

Ryan, a filmmaker who studied in New York, shared the horrific incident on Facebook where users couldn’t help but laugh. He wrote: “My new Roomba ran over my dog’s sh*t and proceeded to “clean” the rest of my house. I’m going to need therapy.” He added in a photo of the brown mess smushed into the crevices of the Roomba, because we all want to see that.



The Oscars are coming and it is time to honor the real heroes of cinema. The women and men whose audaciousness and enthusiasm the academy does not dare to acknowledge. The artists for whom such petty things like a complete lack of budget or talent are no obstacle. Today’s nominee is the masterpiece Monsturd. The story of a serial killer who mutates with a chemical inside a sewer, to become a monster made of human waste just as the FBI and police are onto him.