During a police raid in Limestone County, Alabama investigators found a squirrel, supposedly on meth, which was trained to attack visitors.

Investigators were looking for 35-year-old Mickey Paulk who has warrants out for possession of a firearm, possession of a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia.

Deputies told a local news station that Paulk says he held the squirrel captive and used it as an attack squirrel. They also say he was feeding it meth to keep it aggressive.

“It’s kind of incredulous when you first see it, you know. Somebody’s supposedly got a squirrel that’s an attack squirrel, and supposedly he’s feeding it meth to keep it aggressive. That’s something in 18 years of law enforcement I’ve never seen,” Limestone County public information officer Stephen Young described.

Considering a squirrel needs far less meth than a grown adult in order to stay vigilant, it is certainly more cost-effective than other home security options.  I might train my budgie to do the same. Tweety is about to discover the magic of methamphetamines.

“It looks like a balloon. Is there stuff inside?” Damn right, there is stuff inside. Delicious stuff!