A television station in Sweden station unintentionally played subtitles from a children’s television show during a political debate. 

The debate involved Liberal People’s Party leader Jan Björklund, Education Minister Gustav Fridolin, and Urban Ahlin, Speaker of the Riksdag, the national legislature of Sweden.

The debate started with Sweden’s Minister for the Environment, Åsa Romson welcoming everybody by saying (according to the subtitles) “Greetings, earth creature” and things only got funnier from there. 


The subtitles come from the PBS children’s TV show Dinosaur Train. You can find the rest of the screenshots on the profile of Imgur user TheBlondeSwede who also translated it all for us.

It was opened in 2017 in Helsingborg, Sweden by Dr. Samuel West. The concept of the museum was inspired by Samuel West’s 2016 visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia. A temporary exhibition also opened in Los Angeles. In the museum you can admire some spectacular failures like the Apple Pippin gaming console, fat-free Pringles, Trump’s board game and Paolo Macchiarini’s famous plastic trachea.

Most of these bands are Swedish ABBA clones, but meticulous internet research has shown that at least one is a Hungarian ABBA clone. Can you guess which? I also love the socks that some of these stallions have stuffed in their pants. That was a cool look that deserves a revival.