An Australian clothing company was forced to stop public voting for the cute baby pageant because of out-of-control parents who wrote insulting comments about the appearance of other competitors.

In the past babies have been called “hideous” and “just plain and weird looking”. Other comments on the shortlisted babies – which include two little children with Down syndrome – included: “a lot of babies deserved it more” and “there are better-looking kids then (sic) what were chosen”. A racist mom commented: “Obviously not going by looks or Australian,” and another comment said, “A child only a mother could love.”

Bonds Baby Search has announced that public voting is canceled and that staff will now pick the daily winners and they have also introduced a pets category into the competition that has an overall prize pool of $40,000.

I was riding the subway some time ago when I saw a gentleman reading a book that can help jealous moms be even more terrible online: